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SkyLands Tea Party

The Tea Party is alive and well in Sussex County and Greater Northwest New Jersey! We are citizens spurred to action, alarmed at the rapid erosion of our Free Society. Believing civic participation is vital to stopping the Liberal/Marxist infiltration, we strive to revive adherence to our Constitution.

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil over good is for the good men to do nothing."

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skylands tea party main image


Skylands Tea Party's mission is to promote and promulgate the objectives of the original Tea Party Patriot Movement, including personal freedom, economic freedom and a debt-free future. We strive to attract, educate, organize and mobilize our fellow citizens to secure Constitutional public policy.

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Our Foundation

Our common goal is to restore the principles of our Constitution back to the American people.

About Us
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Monthly Meetings

We meet the Second Tuesday of every month.

Meeting Info
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Get Involved

Membership is available to anyone who wishes to help save our Constitutional rights. Please consider joining.

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